Colorado Shawl - Tunisian entrelac lace using Brown Sheep Company yarn.
Colorado Shawl – Tunisian entrelac lace using Brown Sheep Company yarn.

Welcome to my crochet corner of the universe…

I learned to knit and crochet when I was small. At various points of my life I would pick it up and put it down because being a left-handed person surrounded by right-handed people trying to teach me things was frustrating. Things changed when I moved to Winnipeg ten years ago and my knitting coworkers taught me continental knitting. Suddenly yarn was a lot less threatening and really, really enjoyable. I passed the long winters knitting like crazy and during this time, I retaught myself crochet. At the same time, I taught myself Tunisian crochet and fell in love.

I love juicy, saturated colour and I am often complimented on my use of colour in the crochet projects that I design. My relationship with colour is an intense sensory experience. I joke with people that glitter holds the universe together but for me this is true. Glitter in the air around us is literally how I see the world. I have a neurological condition called Chromesthesia; a branch of Synaesthesia. When I was small I used to love to lie in bed with my window open and watch the shimmery swirls and bursts of “stardust” in the air as they moved with the music on the transistor radio in the yard. I didn’t realize until I was a teenager that other people do not see the world this way. Synesthesia gives me an enhanced perception of smell, tactile sensation, and colour – all via sound.

I’m also a training junkie and kettlebell fanatic, coffee shop philosophizer, and all around socially awkward nice lady. I tend to write the way that I speak. I am fairly direct and I make use of some colourful language. You have been warned 😀


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