Author: TunisianCrochet

Making entrelac look interlaced

The term “entrelac” is derived from a French verb “entrelacer”. In English, this means “to interlace”. Knitted entrelac looks woven/interlaced. Each round or row moves in the opposite direction of the round or row before it because rows are turned and every other row is worked from the wrong side, so it will move in […]

Five Point Pinwheel Motif

I’m a bad, bad blogger, folks. I forgot to make a blog post about my pattern at MyHobbyIsCrochet!! This is a great little motif that can be used on its own to make hotpads, dishrags, or star shapes for a blanket. Worked with several stitches it can be a blanket unto itself. In other news, […]

Facebook Crochet Groups

Today I thought I’d give some press to a few groups on Facebook. It’s nice to get together with other folks and the internet gives us the ability to do that at 2am, in our underwear, tea in hand if we so desire. Some of these groups are HUGE and have over 100,000 members, so […]

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